Upholding the #1Tradition of Purity

With over 8 Categories, & over 69+ Products in the market.


Ashok Griha Udyog decided to produce masalas with absolute quality and to deliver it to customers on a very affordable price. So, as a matter of policy, unlike other masala merchant and traders, Ashok Griha Udyog never bought its raw materials from the market. Rather, it discovered highly selective source to collect only garden-fresh whole spices from the place of their origin.

Then the balanced formula of blending/mixing of whole spices in appropriate ratio to give the ultimate taste and thus the hesitant consumer could slowly feel the real taste of pure original masalas. Best Manufactures of spices in India


The Secret of Success

Ashok Masale an Indian spices brand of repute is delighting its customer with variety spices since 1957. Purity is the guiding mission at Ashok Masale. Since its inception we have successfully worked towards the same mission, to serve our customers with pure and high quality spices.
This is why we procure only garden-fresh whole spices from the place of their origin.This practice of procuring whole spices from the place of origin has ensured the purity and top grade quality. Every process from procurement of excellent whole spices to processing and packaging-everything is state of the art.